domingo, 19 de mayo de 2013

Being a non native English Teacher

As a humble non native english teacher, please forgive me in advance for any grammar mistake or weird connection between the ideas.

As a Bilingual  Preschool Teacher, I miss the time I spent in the English Language Institutes teaching the "advanced" levels. I learned a lot with my students despite the missing "english culture" I did not learn while I lived in United States.

As a Bilingual Teacher, It annoys me to see those people who are hired just because they speak english. It is so sad seeing those unpassionated and  non qualified teacher wasting the students potential. Just because they are "natives".

As a Bilingual Preschool Teacher, I feel relieved when my young learners understand my commands and have fun singing songs in english despite the spanish language context.

As a individual, I feel proud of what I learn everyday as a non native english teacher. I am not having it easy and that makes me stronger.

"The perception of native speakers is best seems antiquated in the global English speaking environment. Perhaps it is time for private schools to revisit their marketing strategies."