domingo, 1 de julio de 2012

Should I post in English?

This is so hard to me!... There are so many feelings that cannot produce them in English because I am feeling more worried about writing accurately in English than expressing my feelings. And this were us, the non - native teachers fail and It is not our fault.

In my profession, I have had the opportunity to "evaluate" other future English Teachers, and I hate it. Where in heavens I have the authority to tell to other person their English is wrong when they live in a non English Speaking Country! There are so many people picky on others about their pronunciation, the use of words, the grammar... gosh! They are at least talking!.

I do understand how precious it is to speak properly in order to teach, but I think people that is good at language should be corrected in nice way and be trained on how to teach other language. However, this is something that employees do not do and it is frustrating because they prefer to hire people who speak the language as natives but they are horrible as teachers.

So, yes I can write in English. Yes, it gives me a hard time to write because I am all the time worried about my grammar and edition  ( a little more than in Spanish ) . So, would you please forgive me?